For the past 15 years, the focus of the ELSACO Group has been to increase the efficiency of using the utilities among the top companies operating on the Romanian market. Our latest addition to the portfolio of energy efficiency solutions is the installation of photovoltaic panels for self-consumption with 100% financing from our own funds.


We are based in Botoșani, Str. Pacea 41A, 710013.

We have office in București, Sector 3, Str. Mihai Bravu 500, 030335.


+40 231 507 060 (int. 2229)


8:30am – 5:00pm


100% ESCo financing for self-consumption photovoltaic power plants

ELSACO provides ESCo type financing (100%) for projects of photovoltaic power plants for self-consumption, with a value of up to tens of millions of Euros.

ESCo financing actually means an investment made by the supplier (ELSACO Group) with the monthly payment from the economy made by the beneficiary.

Advantages for ESCo funding beneficiaries:

– guaranteed energy savings, savings that are carefully calculated
– promoting your company as a company based on green energy, which has a vision in energy sustainability
– no investment required from the beneficiary, the investment is fully covered by the ELSACO Group
– the investment does not appear in the client’s balance sheet, does not affect CAPEX and OPEX expenses
– customers can focus on their core business. The project execution, PIF and maintenance is provided by ELSACO
– at the end of the amortization period of the project, the beneficiary enters into possession of the photovoltaic park through an invoice with a symbolic value of 1 Euro.

ELSACO handles all phases of the project, from initial studies to commissioning and maintenance throughout the project.