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A few words

In the near future, it is estimated that both the number of electric cars and charging stations in the local market will increase exponentially. Electric cars are revolutionizing both the automotive and freight or passenger industries.
According to statistical data, in our country there are currently 1,100 electric cars, with about 390 charging stations available.
In Romania there are 150 spaces (public and private) equipped with one or more charging points for electric cars.
One of the reasons why the number of electric cars circulating on the roads in Romania is low is the reduced number of charging stations and the distance between them. It is important to note that the battery of the electric car should be charged only 1-2 times a week, at an average of 200 km per week.
This is the time when we intervene and make available to customers a wide range of station models. From household to local companies and administrations, our product range is folded for all categories. To find the solution that best suits your needs, we are at your disposal for a free consultation.
They can be installed in any place, public or private, without affecting the existing electricity network or the environment and the space in which it is located.
Whether you want to have a personal charging station or you want to develop an entire network, Elsaco has the best solution for you.