ELSACO and ARH: Together we deliver the best solutions for a safer world

ELSACO is the Adaptive Recognition |ARH partner and sole distributor for Romania and the Republic of Moldova


We are based in Botoșani, Str. Pacea 41A, 710013.

We have offices in București, Sector 3, Str. Mihai Bravu 500, 030335.


+40 231 507 060 (int. 2341)


8:30am – 5:00pm



Distribution of Adaptive Recognition Hungary | ARH

With over 29 years of experience in the field of automatic character recognition (OCR), Adaptive Recognition is among the market leaders for hardware and software for automatic number detection (ANPR / LPR), but also in the market of hardware and software products for reading and validating documents (eg passport, identity card, car voucher, etc.).
Among the most important projects carried out by ARH are the supply of hardware equipment – dedicated ANPR cameras produced by them in the EU – and software necessary for the ITS infrastructure of Hungary. This system records over 22,000,000 traffic events each month using data collected from the 2,000+ precision cameras and sensors. More details about this project can be found by following the link below:


Another very important project carried out by ARH was the delivery of over 3000 document readers to BRD and BCR banks to be used in Romania. With the help of these devices, banks have managed to automate a large part of their processes of collection, verification and aggregation of personal data. Customers also enjoyed a much shorter time spent at the bank and a much less difficult process.


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