We believe that information security, traditionally carried out, fails within organizations because it rarely addresses the unique risks posed by the most important asset: people.


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It’s no secret that phishing is very profitable for hackers. On the other hand, phishing attacks continue to be a financial disaster for companies.

A recent study shows how incredible this threat vector has become: a mid-sized company with 10,000 employees spends $ 3.7 million annually after phishing attacks. An ordinary employee loses 4.16 hours a year with phishing scams.

The high costs incurred by companies as a direct result of phishing attacks include the following: data security breaches caused by compromised credentials and malware, as well as the costs of malware before it infects the entire network.

Are your employees properly prepared for this threat or are they vulnerable and may fall into the trap of phishing scams?


CybeReady is the result of years of collaboration, during which its founders analyzed the “human genome” of information security that leads to the development of a new paradigm: Employee with the ability to operate Cyber.

The team brings together the deep understanding and detailed perspective of the processes and solutions needed to manage the risks focused on the human factor, which lead to the development of the program or its capacity to act extremely effectively.

CybeReady specializes in highly specific information security risks, represented by employees and rarely addressed by traditional awareness programs.

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